Comfort Test First

Take the time to comfort test your next mattress and discover your comfort zone. That means going into a mattress store and lying down on mattresses. A third of our day on average is spent in bed, you’ll be glad you spent a little extra time upfront. One size does not fit all, each person has a unique set of needs. A good mattress will provide you with the right support at every level. Continue Reading

Yes!  Stress free.

Whenever you need shopping to be easier, Curbside Pickup allows you to call and have your mattress delivered right to your car. Imagine it’s pouring rain, with curbside pickup you can stay in your car and stay dry. What if you’re a new mom with a sleeping baby in the car? You can pick up your mattress without waking baby up. Let alone trying to carry the mattress yourself?  With curbside pickup, we do the heavy lifting for you. Continue Reading

Last week much of America experienced a poor night’s sleep. This week, we are thinking about the importance of getting enough sleep every day, as we continue National Sleep Foundation’s #SleepAwarenessWeek2018 #YourDayBeginsWithSleep Continue Reading

We Get Restless In Winter Months
Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to stay inside. While it’s nice to stay in bed a little longer, too many days spent cooped up can lead to cabin fever.  Here are a few steps you can take to stay healthy and feel your best. Continue Reading

BENEFITING: American Red Cross
As some of you know our family business is based in Houston, and is very close to our heart.  We invite you to help us support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We don’t know what the full impact will be, but we do know that people are without basic needs now.  We want to help.  Contributing at any level will make a difference for them and the rescue organizations on the ground.Join us in helping Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and donate to the Red Cross here now, together we can make a difference, Mattress Overstock Team Strength & Hope
**Update, with your support the Red Cross is working around the clock to get help where it is needed most.  See what they have accomplished so far:  News Update Here
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