curbside pickup

Do We Offer Curbside Pickup

Yes!  Stress free.

Whenever you need shopping to be easier, Curbside Pickup allows you to call and have your mattress delivered right to your car. Imagine it’s pouring rain, with curbside pickup you can stay in your car and stay dry. What if you’re a new mom with a sleeping baby in the car? You can pick up your mattress without waking baby up. Let alone trying to carry the mattress yourself?  With curbside pickup, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Who is Curbside Pickup For?

Everyone!  If you know which mattress you want, you’ve looked at all the information, and you’ve tested it, you are ready. Call a Mattress Overstock location near you, if the model is in-stock the manager will make an appointment for your pickup at your convenience. If it is not in-stock the manager will order for you and arrange your curbside pick-up upon delivery*. Soooo easy.

  *Note:  certain mattresses sizes require a certain amount of car space, be sure to ask your sales manager if it will fit first.