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Back to Campus?

3 THINGS YOU NEED TO START YOUR SCHOOL YEAR OFF RIGHT. (besides coffee, ramen and alarm clocks)
Convolution Pillow    
1)  Nothing feels better than a brand new pillow or two! Our Malouf Convolution® Pillow is crafted with the multi-position sleeper in mind and offers different levels of customizable support. A convoluted memory foam core encased in airy Gelled Microfiber® fill creates a soft, supportive sleeping surface, while the other side offers more support for side sleeping. Remove the core for an ultra-plush, luxurious down feel without odors, allergens, and sharp quills. A 300 thread count damask striped cover encases this pillow for added comfort.
*Set your wake and sleep schedules now to get use to any time differences.



2) Small comforts are real, Malouf 600 TC Cotton Blend Linens work with any mattress type. The classic look and incredible comfort of cotton is available at the price of a blend. Instead of blending yarns before the weaving process, all cotton strands are lined up in one direction and poly strands woven across them for a two-sided design with the feel of pure cotton on one side and the wrinkle-resistant convenience of polyester on the other. Make the bed with the cotton sides facing each other for the soft, cozy feel of cotton against the skin. The Universal Fit® design ensures sheets have a smooth, secure fit on any mattress.
*Start morning routines, yoga, shower, breakfast, whatever you pick make it positive.

  Sleep Tite Prime Mattress Protector      
3)  You spend a lot of time in your bed.  Use our Malouf Pr1me Terry Mattress Protector to complete your system. This mattress protector features a hypoallergenic and absorbent cotton terry surface that sleeps comfortably and will not change the feel of the mattress. It also features the laboratory-certified H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane which creates a quiet, and breathable barrier against allergens and dust mites. The universal fit elastic ensures a secure fit for mattress depths of 6″-22″.
*Schedule homework time in chunks, designate quiet areas, take breaks!