moving with mattress overstock

7 Tips for Moving Better This Summer

Moving this Summer?  Join 70% of all moves taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day!   Mattress Overstock knows how to make ordering and delivery a breeze for you.  Below are 7 tips to help you through it.
  1. Schedule your move in the morning during the week, less heat, less stress, less cost.
  2. If you have a college student moving out too, save money by booking both moves with the same company.
  3. Summer is also prime time to have a garage sale, get rid of your big item clutter don’t move it.*
  4. Updating bedroom?  Call us to help you choose the best mattresses & delivery times to fit your schedule.
  5. Make sure you turn on utilities before you move, you will need water and electricity that day.
  6. Box, label, organize by room, this will save you much time and sanity on the other end of things.
  7. Get good sleep the day before and after your move to feel healthy, strong and happy.
Enjoy your first day in your new home, just make up your beds, order out dinner, leave the rest for another day.  *If you are tossing your old mattress, you can shop online for one here, or visit a Mattress Overstock location near you, express delivery is available at all stores!